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Business Sustainability

MNP Partnership

On May 18, 2022 we  launched the Centre’s new Naming Partnership with MNP. The day was celebrated with a press conference, logo reveal, and ribbon cutting event. This event was followed by a full day of activation that included a carnival and master class group exercise session with a live DJ. 

Safety & Sustainability


  1. 1 meter dive board railings:  Added railings to the dive boards to enhance safety

  2. Initiated preparation of safety net below the 1M dive boards

  3. Pool tiles:  Replaced chipped/cracked tiles to reduce risk of injury

  4. Pool deck:  applied special adhesive coating to improve traction and reduce slips and falls

  5. 5M dive tower:  repaired the concrete heaving and holding railings (required to host FINA dive competition)

  6. Customer Service Desk:  raised the height of the plexiglass and closed in gap at bottom behind desk to prevent injury

  7. North entrance:  mud-jacked uneven cement tiles to reduce risk of tripping and falling

  8. Training Pool High Performance dry land:  replaced the flooring to reduce risk of injury to athletes

  9. Addition of handrail on LifeMark stairs 

  10. Secured snow removal contractors 

  11. Acquired a 4th AED to ensure we always have a minimum of three in their designated locations 

  12. Updated Chlorine Emergency Response Plan

  13. Replaced HPST aquatic matting that had started to lift creating a safety hazard 

  14. Added extra rotations from Duty Managers to those same areas of the pool deck

  15. New online Incident and Accident reporting system implemented

  16. Added customized netting to the mechanical level access stairs by the dive tank; uncovered stairs were posing as a safety hazard to sport partner athletes using dive tank training area

  17. Continued to review Facility Emergency Response Plans with Sport Partners at AGM


Employee Safety:

  1. Launched a staff cyber security awareness training program for staff to reduce risk of successful cyber attacks

  2. Launched a Sharepoint 101 training course for staff

  3. Started the process of launching our own internal help desk, incident management, asset management software

  4. Completed Job Hazard Assessments for all positions 

  5. Monthly workplace safety inspections completed by the OH&S Committee

  6. Added several cameras to areas where staff were experiencing harassment issues on the pool deck

  7. Conducted Ergonomic Assessments amongst staff as needed 



  1. Initiated preparation of an energy audit

  2. Introduced recycle program for beverage containers



  1. Developed a new reserve fund policy to ensure that the facility has allocated sufficient capital for all future projects
    and contingencies

  2. Created a new business scorecard to measure the performance of the organization as it relates to our strategic goals and facilitate business making decisions


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