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Growth Readiness

Leisure Expansion Aquatics Project (LEAP) & Legacy Expansion

The proposed LEAP/Legacy expansion consists of the following initiatives:


  • Enhance/expand dry land and aquatic facilities in response to demand, optimal configurations, and changes within the industry

  • Introduce specialized leisure water amenities and further position the Centre as a leader of public recreation in downtown Calgary

  • Deliver environmental benefits and respond to existing building inefficiencies

  • Create a strong interface with Lindsay Park and the surrounding communities

  • Incorporate the latest technology and industry innovation

  • Improve the pedestrian and customer experience

  • Provide for more accessible and inclusive spaces

  • Contribute to the revitalization of downtown Calgary


2022 Milestones:

  • Secured $45 million from the City of Calgary, $20 million from the Province of Alberta and
    $5 million from the Society

  • Completed Schematic Design

  • Onboarded a Project Manager (M3 Development Management), Architecture Partner (GEC), and Construction Management Firm (Bird)

  • Initiated a robust stakeholder engagement plan

Strategic Planning

2026 Defined Future State

The Centre’s 2026 preferred future state activates our dual mandate through growth in our recreational offering, renewal of our commitment to high performance sport, and advancing our impact across the city, including fitness and sporting communities, by being relevant, purposeful and fun.

Expansion Ready

Community Hub

  • Organizational readiness to deliver on our amplified dual mandate

  • Nurturing a sense of belonging through connection, social interaction, sport, play, and fun

  • A safe, welcoming, and accessible place

Acknowledged Leader in Sport AND Recreation

  • Renewed attractiveness for high performance sport

  • Amplified role in Calgary building a love of sport, play, and fun across all ages and abilities

Elevating Customer Experience

  • Delivering relevant, impactful programs, services, and facilities that respond to what really matters to our customers

Sustainability at the Core

  • Financially, environmentally, and socially responsible and sustainable organization

  • Focused on return on investment and impact

Growth & Development

  • Expanding our capabilities, cultivating our talent, evolving our culture, growing our diversity

SP1 | Growth Readiness

Embarking on our transformation, we will ensure the readiness of the organization to serve an expanded community, establishing a foundation that re-sets our membership base and prepares us to increase our reach, diversity, and impact.

SP2 | Programs & Services Optimization

The Centre will be central to the pursuit of sport, fitness, and active living in our community. We will ensure relevancy, being the organization that people look to for community connection and support in achieving sport, fitness, and recreational goals.


SP3 | Legendary Experience

Data-driven approach to understanding the needs of our community, having meaningful impact to those we serve, and elevating the customer experience. We will grow the sense of community at the Centre.

SP4 | Business Sustainability

Proactively plan, execute, evaluate, and adjust to ensure the financial success and business sustainability of the Centre. Through financial and purpose driven decision criteria, ensure the Centre meets the evolving needs of the community while ensuring long-term viability.

SP5 | People & Culture

Expanding our capabilities, evolving our culture, growing our diversity, and aligning our structure to best deliver on our future state and to ready the organization for post-2026. Cultivating careers while advancing our reputation as a great place for youth and others to work.

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